Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Went on vacation and came back whiter...

I know that many of you all have been asking me about my trip to Cancun...so sit back, grab a coke zero, and enjoy as I tell ya all about our amazing time!!
Let me begin by saying this....I absolutely hate flying! I mean I am TERRIFIED of it, palms sweat, pray the whole time, tear my hubby's arm apart, constantly ask what that was, type of terrified! I had forgotten just how afraid of it I am since it has been 3 years since i have flown. But as soon as that plane took off, it all came back!!
That being said...everything else was absolutely amazing!!!
The resort was breath taking. It was adults only and catered to couples. The ultimate romance resort!! Our room was gorgeous..it was covered with marble and had a really cool whirlpool tub (which Logan poured a whole bottle of bubbles in.....bubbles were everywhere!) It also had a two person shower with water shooting out everywhere!
The resort had 7 restaurants...all were amazing! Did I mention that the resort was all inclusive...yea I gained 5lbs on this trip! :) Logan and I just lounged the whole time! It was perfect! It only rained one day and while it was raining we just sat in a hot tub in the rain...sounds crazy but it was awesome! Logan and I have decided that we are definitely making his a yearly trip. I would recommend this place to any couple!!
I will post a few pics but if you want to see them all...well almost all of them :) than check em out on fb!
It feels good to be home and see Coopman, I was missing him pretty bad toward the end! But I do miss the sound of the waves crashing on the beach!!

I am sure yall are wondering about my title.....well let me explain!
(Shanna is probably laughing right now)
I had gotten the versa spa (spray tan) done before I went, actually three times due to malfunctions and weird peeling. It was weird/awesome being that dark but by the end of the trip it had all washed off. Soo...I seriously came back from vacation lighter/whiter than when I left HA!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here is the most recent update on Kiker.

Kiker is very mobile (only 1 IV); which the doctors are encouraging mobility to force the lungs to inflate fully and assist in reducing the fluid. Kiker's current condition is low output heart failure with fluid complication and some lung issues. In layman terms: Kiker’s heart is just not squeezing nor releasing as good as the doctors would like to see and there is fluid build up. Currently a heart catheterization is scheduled for tomorrow to obtain the pressures inside the heart as well as look around to see if there is anything they can correct in the cath lab or with another open heart surgery. Right now there is a lot of testing along with consulting drs elsewhere to ensure the current plan is the best plan for making Kiker stable and better. "Transplant" has been used in conversations but they are not at the point where they will even begin the testing to get listed on a transplant list. This is just talk and there has been no definitive finger pointing that Kiker needs to be on that list at this time. After the cath and consultations tomorrow, the plan should be much clearer to everyone.

Please continue to pray for Kiker, his family, and the Drs.



Monday, June 22, 2009

Asking for prayer.

I am asking everyone that happens to read this to please pray for our cousins' son Kiker. I have blogged about him in the past. He was born with a heart defect and here recently has been having some serious issues. Just a couple months ago Kiker had a stroke and needed a pacemaker installed. The surgery went well and Kiker was rehabilitating fine. Then a couple weeks ago he started not wanting to eat or having much energy. I got news today that Kiker was back in the hospital having heart failure. He is now stabilized and we are waiting to see what the Drs decide is the next course to take. Please say a quick prayer for Kiker, his mom Candace and dad Paco, his brother and sisters, and of course the Drs.
Liz and Logan

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We love you sooo much!
Coopman and Gracie are so blessed to have you as their daddy!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Need to smile?

I just had to post this....makes me smile everytime I hear it!


I would like to introduce you to...


(or as Coop says "Jor")

George is like a glow worm, you press his belly and his face lights up and plays music. Coop got him for Christmas from his cousins, Bella and Parker. I always have kept it in his bed and played the music for him when I lay him down. He has never shown much interest in anything, blanket or stuffed animal....until now! For the past month, when I get him out of bed, he has been loving on George and always wanting to take him with him. In fact, he knows his name now and when I take Coop out of bed he will point at George and say "Jor". It is really cute. I gave in this morning and let him take him downstairs. So I would like to introduce you all to "Jor", Coops first friend :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Project 52 #3

I have been HORRIBLE at doin this! I have decided to number it by how many times I do them instead of weeks! Anyhow, I love this idea so I am gonna stick to doin 52 of them!

So how can you resist this face! I just love this boy!!

*Try to ignore the fact that I have ZERO makeup on!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mean Mommy!

I put latches on the cabinet doors while he was taking a nap. (this was the same nap that he decided to take his diaper off and play in his poop. You will hear me reference this in the video) I knew he would go straight to them when he woke up and so I had my video camera ready! This is what I got.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coopman is WALKING!!

In order to hear him on the video, you must first pause or mute the music at the bottom of my blog!