Wednesday, February 3, 2010

V-DAY is right around the corner!!!

Get your V-day outfits!!!!!
Message me what ya want :)

Shipping is available

Hugs n' Kisses Tutu


"LOVE" Tee

$15 w/out flower

$18 w/flower (shown)

Can be made in any size!! The perfect Mommy n' Me tee!

Tie Tee
Can be made with red fabric or red with small white polkadots
Can be made in any size!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Out of the Loop!!

Hey fellow bloggers!! I have seriously been gone for about a year now....Just been super busy with so many changes this past year. BUT I have commit ed to blogging again....I really enjoyed it and am excited to start back up again! I will start by sharing with you a few picks from the Fort Worth Stock show and rodeo! Cause you guys now how much I love taking pics :) Drives my family crazy!!! IN fact, Gracie got a new camera from her mom and she asked to call me to tell me she had gotten her OWN camera....hahaha! That reminds me that I am in need of a new is falling apart!!

The new bible study starts tonight and I am super excited...I am sure I will be blogging all about the amazing things I will learn. It is called "Keepers of the Home" and is an awesome study for wives/moms. I am pumped!!

I am also going to be starting Cosmetology school this year. A desire I have had for a long time and am super ready to get goin on it!!! Pray that everything works out....childcare, finances, etc.

Till tomorrow..ta ta!!